This is how women ‘scare off’ men according to their zodiac sign; Fix these problems as soon as possible!


You scare off ‘the one’ with your restless spirit and fear of commitment. You don’t have a problem falling in love and keeping everything under control. You like experiencing new things and when things get too comfy, you begin having second doubts. ‘Settling down’ is not a skill you possess.


You scare off men by leaving no space for mistakes. You love deeply and fiery and you’re a partner from dreams- caring, warm, and generous. Sometimes, you have a problem letting things go with the flow. You also dislike when others don’t do things perfectly from the first try.


You tend to scare off men since you’re not sure what you want in a relationship and life in general. You often expect from a partner to solve things for you and to figure out on their own what is that you want from him and from life. Instead of finding support in your partner, you completely rely on him.


You tend to tell your partner how he needs to feel and although your strong intuition helps you read people easier, it may cause problems in your relationships. You try to project your feelings on your partner instead of listening what he has to say.


You tend to take everything on yourself and create something out of nothing; however, you also want to control things that cannot be controlled; that is, a love. You need to give your partner space to breathe if you want to keep him by your side.


You scare off men by scarring yourself. When you feel good in a relationship, you immediately start to think about the negative things that may ruin it. Although your partner supports you, he may have a problem realizing that you feel as if your relationship is one big mistake.


You make your partner think that he needs to compete with others. There is nothing negative in having a lot of friends around; it is who you are. However, this may be a problem for your partner since he may feel pressured by having to ‘fight’ for you and for your attention.


You tend to sabotage your own happiness and you have a problem accepting that you have the right to be happy. Instead of enjoying the moment and giving in to emotions, you worry about whether the relationship will survive.


You tend to be very passive, careless, and optimistic and when you’re in a relationship, these tendencies may lead you to the point of thinking about where you are and what’s going to happen with your relationship. Your partner may feel as the only one dedicated to the relationship.


You tend to think about the worst; although you are practical and concentrated, which is amazing for your career and ambitions, when you’re in a relationship, you may cause the partner to feel that he has no need of bothering since you have everything under control.


Instead of working together with your partner, you try to protect yourself in a relationship. Your need to self-preserve has a bad impact on your relationships and this is probably a result of being hurt in the past and therefore having trouble being honest and opened. You feel better when you keep things to yourself, however, this may hurt you and your partner.


You tend to scare off your partner by thinking that everything will be resolved on its own. You connect with people easily but when the relationship becomes deeper, you become idealistic and unpractical about the problems you’re facing. Your head is in the clouds and you somehow forget to deal with the real problems at hand.

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