You Will Feel Disgusted When You Hear Why Do There Are Red Spots On Your Legs After Shaving Them

If you prefer to shave your legs instead waxing them, after this discovery that might change. Especially, if you’re squeamish. Namely this condition is widely known as “pimples after shaving” or rash, and not only are these red spots ugly to the eye, they can also cause pain or a tingling sensation. Most of those who shave their legs are well aware of these red spots that appear after removing the hair, but not many people know why they appear.

When you leave the razor in the shower, you expose it to lots of bacteria, which multiply thanks to a warm and humid environment in the bathroom. Thereby they are later manifested in the skin and they cause the appearance of red spots and small pimples. Old razors often are full with soap and tiny hairs, which means even more bacteria.

However you do not need to panic, because there are ways to avoid these “uninvited visitors.” It would be best if you regularly change your razor. This way you will stops the spread of the bacteria. Dermatologists, depending on how often you shave and how are you thick hair, recommend that you change your razor after five to seven shavings.

However if you haven’t got a new razor at hand, you should first wash your skin and your razor with soap and water in order to get rid of all the dirt and dead cells that are on your skin surface and on the razor.

If, however, a rash appears on your skin, then you need to wrap your legs in a warm towel.

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