Do You Want A Boy Or A Girl: Now It Is Possible To Predict The Sex Of The Baby Even Before The Pregnancy!

A new discovery by Canadian scientists has shown that it is possible to predict the sex of the baby even before pregnancy. Namely these scientists claim that this discovery can show the statistically chances of every woman of having a boy or a girl.

Scientists from Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto announced that blood pressure women have before they get pregnant could be a good indicator of whether they will have a girl or a boy. Up until now there were many different ancient folk beliefs and some theories of experts on this subject, but none of them showed significant results.

Women with high blood pressure, by some rule, more often give birth to boys, and have lover chances of having girls. Scientists claim that women with high blood pressure have 45 percent more chances of having a boy than women with lower blood pressure.

“The question of why the blood pressure influences the sex of the baby is very intriguing and we will try to discover the cause. Gender is determined by the sperm, depending on whether the sperm is carrying an X or Y chromosome, “said lead researcher Ravi Retnakaran.

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