This Video Terrified the World: Angry Parents Released a Video of Their Child After Getting Vaccinated

Nowadays, more than ever before, people are encouraged to think critically and speak openly about vaccination and the consequences of it. Although in some countries immunization is a choice of the parents, there is a large part of countries where vaccination is mandatory.

Recently, there was a video published by and it went viral. The video features a 10-month-old baby struggling with up to 14 convulsions daily after getting vaccinated. His parents decided to share the video with the public since they claim that Bobby was a normal baby before vaccination and he was never sick.

After the baby was vaccinated, they visited the hospital a total of 55 times because of convulsions, stomach ache, and serious allergies. Namely, convulsive seizures are listed as side effects of the menomune vaccine. In only few hours, the video was viewed 1.8 million times and it was shared 27500 times.

Since the parents alerted a large part of the public, the hospital is now conducting tests on Bobby for genetic epilepsy, i.e. they’re trying to convince his parents that this disease has nothing to do with the vaccine, although their child’s health started deteriorating soon after he got vaccinated.

However, Bobby’s parents won’t succumb to the official side of the story and they warn that this vaccine should not be given to babies as it destroys a life that hasn’t even started. His dad also added that parents need to do something and they need to be informed about everything. He questions the fact that they weren’t warned about the side effects. His mother concludes that parents are the ones who need to take care of their children because authorities don’t do anything when something goes sideways.

They explain that little Bobby was a happy baby and then the vaccine destroyed his life. The attacks began immediately after he got vaccinated. His temperature spiked and he collapsed and was no longer responsive. The attacks and allergies continued every day and he’s no longer the same baby. His father calls on people to testify because they’re certain that they’re not the only family whose life was destroyed because of vaccines.

He added that people aren’t enough publically open about how vaccines changed their lives because of fear. However, he couldn’t keep silent and wants to be the voice of all parents in the world. If his child died and he didn’t say anything, he could not live with himself.   


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