For Stronger Immunity You Need To Kiss Your Partner As Much As Possible!

First thing you need to know is that during one kiss that lasts ten seconds you and your partner exchange around 80 million bacteria. This is a lot, and that is why many consider this “act” as unhygienic.

However, experts say that in this way you are straightening your immune system, especially if you are fight some disease. According to many doctors you are more likely to get ill during some not that intimate contact such as shaking hands. On the other hand they claim that kissing has multiple benefits.

“Knowing that we exchange around 80 million bacteria during only ten seconds of passionate kissing our partner may act as unhealthy, especially during the flu season.

However, the truth is that all of these bacteria can make your immune system even stronger” says Cheryl Kirshenbaum, author of” The Science of kissing “and director of the Institute “Energy field” at the University of Texas.

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