He Is Responsible For Even Seven Types Of Cancer And Every Person Has Surely Used IT: IT is Dangerous Even In Small Quantities!

Scientists have discovered how alcohol is very dangerous and it can even cause at least seven types of cancer. Most people do not take the danger of consuming alcohol seriously, but alcohol can be dangerous even in small quantities.

One recent study confirms the direct link between alcohol and cancer, which cannot be explained other factors. Namely many scientists claim that alcohol is the direct cause for this disease.

Alcohol causes cancer in at least seven body part, and possibly on many other.

Epidemiologic evidence confirms that alcohol can cause cancer on the mouth, esophagus, larynx, liver, colon and chest. Also alcohol can be the cause of different skin and pancreas conditions.

The greatest risk is associated with the intake of large amounts of alcohol. However you should know that all of those who drink small to moderate amounts of alcohol are also in danger.

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