Renowned world astrologists reveal: Find out what type of woman you are on the basis of your month of birth

Every woman is different and special in her own, unique way. Believe it or not, the month when you were born can reveal a lot about your personality and way of life. Take a look:


Ladies born in January are serious and conservative, but in the same time, they’re highly ambitious. They’re rarely nervous or angry, and if this happens, you shouldn’t get in her way. She doesn’t like to show her feelings and don’t expect this from them. They’re only close with people who are on the same intellectual level and those with who they share the same worldviews.


These women have a unique way of thinking and not everyone is able to understand them. Their mood constantly changes so you should have a lot of patience. On the other hand, they’re very romantic and they’re ready to do everything for the person they love. Make sure you do the same for them. If you betray them, you will never see them again.


Women born in this month are very cute and lovable until someone pisses them off. When this happens, they can destroy everything. They’re very dedicated and life with them is really pleasant. They’re very charming and charismatic. They don’t fall in love easily.


These women are diplomats and they have excellent communication with people, but often tend to pity themselves. They can become very jealous and when this happens, you should avoid being near them. If you gain her trust, you will be the luckiest person in the whole world. They don’t open up easily, only to the ones who deserve it.


Women born in May are very loyal to their principles, kind, and good-hearted. Their character isn’t easy so they can be a real struggle for their partner. Men never forget women born in May.


These women are very curious, creative, communicative, but sometimes, they talk too much and hurt people. They believe that it’s better to tell someone the truth rather than to talk behind their back. However, it would be good to think before saying something. When it comes to love, they can be very dangerous players. Men are like plasticine in their hands.


These women are mysterious and don’t allow everyone near. They’re very honest, intelligent, beautiful, and calm. They dislike conflicts and are usually kind to everyone. They often feel sad for some past days. When it comes to love, if you cheat a woman born in July, you will never see her again, that’s for sure.


Women who are born in this month are one-of-a-kind combination of a big heart and a dose of egoism. You shouldn’t play with them, because, sooner or later, they will win. Although they’re happy and have a great sense of humor, they dislike it when others laugh at their expense. They want to be in the center of attention and they are always noticeable. Men can easily lose their heads when they’re near women born in August.


These women are kind, disciplined, and beautiful. They will never forgive you if you betray them. Often times, they will even seek retaliation. They love long relationships and are not the adventure-type-of-girl. They’re very strict toward their partner and they ask for full dedication. Their brain doesn’t allow them to make mistakes, even though their heart might want to.


These women are made of steel-they’re the synonym for strength and independence. They’re very emotional, but rarely cry in front of others. They’re very intelligent and know that opening up your soul to others is not always a good idea because you might end up being hurt. These women can seduce whoever they like.


These women are always one step ahead since they read people very well. Don’t play with them because, in the end, you will get what you deserve. If you don’t want to hear the truth, it’s better not to ask them anything.


These women tend to be very impatient and too quick, but they’re definitely born under a lucky star. They come out from every situation as winners and know how to heighten the atmosphere. They need only few minutes to make someone fall in love with them. They have a big heart and as a consequence, they often end up being hurt, however, everything turns out well for them in the end.

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