When You Read This, You Will Eat Green Bananas Only!

There are many health benefits of consuming green bananas. Namely green bananas are rich in resistant starch, which is perfect for the weight loss process. The green banana fiber can give you the feeling of satiety, and they will also help you burn the calories and regulate your weight.

Resistant starch from these banana burns your fat, because your body no longer uses carbs as fuel, but instead of using carbs it uses the accumulated fat. Green bananas are excellent for you, because they reduce the insulin in the body and they also do not allow the glucose to go into the cells of your body.

Green bananas guard your digestive tract and regulate your digestion with the help of probiotic bacteria. They can even reduce a large percentage of colon cancer and they help with the absorption of calcium.

Additionally they contain vitamin B6, and vitamin C and potassium, which help in the regulation of mood and are great for the heart.

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