A Powerful Mirror Exercise that You Should Do Before Going to Bed

Stand in front of a mirror and do something. For example, take something in your hand and move it toward the mirror. What do you see? You see a hand moving toward you. If you smile, the person in the mirror will smile back. Hence, if you’re are sad or depressed, the person in the mirror will also be like that. This means that everything you do, feel, or say goes back to you.

Furthermore, when you’re in front of a mirror, try to think of some scenes from your life, for example, your relationship with some person; all the vibrations you emitted to them, starting from love, through unfulfilled expectations, to negative emotions. Sometimes, in our relationship with other people, we tend to be concerned only about us, and we put our expectations, conditions, and criteria first. Let’s now observe these expectations in the mirror-we’re passively sitting and waiting for someone else to do something to make us happy and fulfilled.

By doing this, you emit vibrations saying: “I expect from you to love me, to fulfill my hopes, dreams, and wishes…I’m not satisfied with your behavior, I’m unfulfilled, unloved, sad, neglected..”

Additionally, if we emit such attitude through thoughts like “I don’t have enough money”, “I need more money”, etc. we become scared to give, and, when you don’t give, you’re likely to receive nothing from the other side. Bear in mind that what you emit is what you receive. When you release negativity into the universe, all your experiences will move toward confirming the emptiness and dissatisfaction with your life.

Therefore, giving is pivotal and everything that the present moment brings is constantly reflecting in the mirror. It’s entirely up to you what it will reflect back. So, at the end of each day, stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself the following question:” What I’ve sent out in the universe today through my thoughts, feelings, and actions? I know that this will return through my experience, so intent to always improve my reflection in the mirror.” 

Always begin your day with love and positive thoughts if love and positivity is what you want to receive in return.

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