Are You Obese: Drink This Mixture Every Morning And Within 15 Days You Will Lose 5-8 Pounds!

If you are obese and have problems with your weight, then we can help you. Get rid of the under-skin and stomach fat in not time. This mixture is very effective and very good for reducing your high cholesterol levels as well. The preparation of the same is really easy and simple, and bellow you can see all the details!

Necessary ingredients:

  • one bag of baking soda
  • 5 parsley laces
  • 1 kilogram of lemons
  • 3 liters of water


In a pot put lemon (washed with cold water) and pour hot water.

You should leave the baking soda 1 hour. Cut the parsley into small pieces and stems, chop the lemon with rind and place in a saucepan. After that, pour 3 liters of water and cook for about 2 hours on low heat.

You should drink this beverage every morning on empty stomach.


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