If you notice that your lunula looks like THIS, it may mean that you are suffering from a serious disease! Pay attention

The crescent-shaped area at the base of a fingernail is known as lunula. What a lot of people don’t know about the lunula is that it can reveal a lot about one’s health. If you want to know what the lunula on your fingernails indicates, take a look at the following list:

Big lunula

A lunula is considered big when it takes one third of the fingernail. This may indicate high blood pressure and heart problems. In most cases, they are a consequence of excessive stress. If the lunula on most of your nails is big, think about ways to reduce stress in your life. For example, try meditations or read books.

Small lunula

A tiny lunula may be a sign of low levels of energy, low blood pressure, and poor circulation, as well as a poor immune system. If all lunulae are like this, you should eat and sleep more in order to increase your levels of energy. You should also do a blood test to check your vitamin and iron levels since when they are low; they may cause a lack of energy.

A white or light grayish lunula

These two lunula colors indicate that you’re in good health.

Gray lunula

This is a sign of low levels of energy as well as digestion problems, like reduced absorption of nutrients. Consult your physician and do healthier changes in your lifestyle in order to be more energetic.

Pink lunula

If the color of the lunula is similar to the color under the nails, it means that you may be under a lot of pressure and that you’re physically overburdened. As a result, you may be having lung problems. Try to take a break from work and let your body restore its energy.

Purple lunula

This is a potential sign of poor circulation and lack of oxygen in the organs and tissues. If you also have vertigo or headaches, then it’s probably a circulation issue. Consult a physician in order to improve your circulation and to treat the tiredness, headache, and vertigo.

Black lunula

This is a serious sign of heavy metals or poisoning. If you notice that even one of your lunulas is black, you need medical aid as soon as possible. A black lunula may be a result of an injury, like a cut. When the lunula is damaged severely, the nail may be permanently deformed.

No lunula

If you don’t have visible lunula on any fingernail if they are very small, it means that you have a weak immunity and a low level of energy. Moreover, this may indicate a lack of vitamins and nutrients. Sometimes, the lunula isn’t visible since it’s beneath the cuticles, usually on the small finger. If the lunula is visible on the middle finger and the index finger, then there is no problem.

What if the changes of the lunula are visible on one finger only?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, each finger represents a different body organ and when a change occurs in only one lunula, it means that there is a problem with some organ. For example, the thumbs are associated with the lungs and spleen, the index finger with the digestion, the middle with the heart and brain, the ring finger with the reproductive system, and the small one with the heart and kidneys. If you notice any kind of change or pain in your nails, always consult a doctor.

Source: https://www.littlethings.com/fingernail-moon-meanings/

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