The Messages From Your Intuition Should Not be Ignored: Your Inner Voice Never Lies!

You’ve probably heard about intuition, but do you know exactly what this is? Intuition is the feeling that you can never shake off. And, in most of the time, this feeling is correct. According to experts, the gut feeling is connected with intuition. This gut feeling or feeling of intuition usually manifests as a premonition, an inspiration, telepathy, a discomfort in the stomach, a dream, a coincidence, an odor, a taste, etc. Although we’re born with it, intuition can be additionally developed and accessed. Let’s take a look:


Firstly, in order to access your intuition, you should find a quiet spot where you can completely relax. Sit down comfortably, take a deep breath, and ignore unimportant thoughts. Focus only on your breathing and when you feel complete peace, ask yourself: “What can I do to solve my problem?”

Then, try and listen to your intuition, and don’t throw away the solution as illogical. Also, it’s important to pay attention to what your body says in other life situations. For example, if you feel an ache in the stomach or if you have a lump in your throat, if you have difficulty breathing and you feel a tension in your shoulders and pain in your stomach, you’re probably making the wrong decision.

Recognizing other people’s energies

Your intuition will help you surround yourself with quality people. You can do this by determining who gives you energy and who takes it away. Don’t overanalyze when you sense an intuitive message. Usually, the first feeling is the right one.

Connecting your intuition with your dreams

Before going to bed, ask yourself a specific question like: “Is this a good job for me?” In the morning, lie down for a few more minutes and try to recall your dream. Then write it down and maybe you will get an answer. If you don’t succeed, you can try again.

First impression is crucial

Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, also emphasized the importance of intuition by saying that: “The only real valuable thing is intuition.” Namely, some people consider this unusual inner voice to be an extrasensory perception, while others neglect its importance and tend to rely only on their reason only. However, psychologists explain that relying on your heart often helps in bringing a wise decision.

Hence, according to Sherry Dillard, there are some key moments in which it’s important to trust your intuition. One such moment is first impression. You should pay attention to what happens in your body when you meet new people. Is this a feeling of discomfort, sympathy, or indifference? Whatever it is, your intuition is right most of the time.

Intuition is unduly suppressed and people value it too little. However, you should know that your inner voice matters and you can never get enough intuition. Hence, when you sense an attraction or a challenge, you should react, not analyze. You’re living your life when you accept it with all its challenges. Everything else is a rational excuse that prevents people from living their life to the fullest.

Concern about your closest ones

Love and intuition are interconnected. So, if you’re worried about someone who’s dear to you, don’t ignore this feeling, but call the person or meet with them.

Intuition in the workplace

When you need to make an important decision about your job and carrier, intuition should never be ignored. This can help you discover hidden talents, brilliant ideas, or decide when it’s the right moment to ask for a raise.

The body’s signals

It’s never good to ignore your intuition when it comes to your health. You should always listen to your body, according to Sherry Dillard.

If the mind doesn’t know, ask the heart

As psychologists and psychiatrists explain, intuition is a trigger for productivity, knowledge, wisdom, innovation, and decision-making. All people have the ability to solve their life issues relying on their inner voice, or as psychiatrists explain, relying on ourselves.

Moreover, it’s very important to be empathetic- to try and recognize the pain and suffering of others. Great generals didn’t just sit in their bunkers, making the right strategic moves, but they fought in the front lines. This was the only way to estimate the condition of their troupes. So, learn to feel what others are going through so that you can strengthen your intuition even more.

Furthermore, learn to face your fears, instead of burying them. Let the feeling of fear sharpen your intuition-this is how you will begin to listen to what’s going on in your inner world.

Reading other people’s thoughts strengthens the intuition

An important tool for strengthening the intuition is the emotional connectedness with others, as psychologists explain. During a conversation, besides listening to what the other person is saying, you should also try and recognize their feelings- are they feeling unwell, happy, angry, full of hope, or sad? While listening to them, try to identify their emotions. The better you are at this, the stronger your intuition will be.

Stop judging

When you judge someone, this is not intuition. On the contrary, this is negative energy which causes prejudices that block the intuition. Instead of criticizing, start asking questions.

One of the best ways to awaken your intuition is through meditation. Every day, spare at least 30 minutes to meditate and contemplate. This is how you will learn to listen to what’s happening inside of you and this is how you will sharpen your intuitive voice. Meditation is the pillar of all of the abovementioned aspects of accessing intuition.

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