Massage the Gamut Point on Your Palm to End Harmful Habits

One way to create space for new and better things, while putting an end to bad habits, is to release energy through the meridians. Emotional health is the basis of self-confidence, and self-confidence is a springboard for anything you want to achieve in life. The possibility to get rid of bad habits and turn to healthier ones will certainly help you fulfill your potentials.

Misbalance in the bodily energetic system can have a significant effect on a person’s psychology. When you correct this misbalance, with the help of tapping certain body points, you can easily unblock the blockage.

Our bodies have 12 main meridians which are a part of one whole, visible in a natal chart. We carry these meridians over our body, and each of them is an entrance in the 12 zodiac houses. Thanks to them, we can easily diagnose which energetic program is blocked, i.e. which area of your life is problematic.

The Triple Warmer Meridian is connected to the basic life values and habits, materialization, and stability. This body meridian wants to keep all things balanced; therefore, it experiences all new things as an attack, and often, undermines even the positive changes by defining them as unstable. Working on this meridian will help you change your material stand and adapt newer, healthier habits.

Exercise: Tapping the points of The Triple Warmer Meridian-TH3, more precisely, the gamut point

This is the third point of this meridian, known as the 9 Gamut Procedure from the Emotional Freedom Technique. It’s located between the pinky and ring finger. By stimulating this area, you reduce the resistance toward new things, you ease the acceptance of changes, and you also enable a change of plans and habits- for example, diet changes or changes in how you make money for living.

Positive affirmations connected the conscious and unconscious

Firstly, you need to identify the problem (the feeling that we don’t deserve something we want) and assessing its strength on a scale from 1 to 10. If the intensity is stronger than 5, we need to state clearly that we accept it and we’re ready to release it. Use the following statement if you want to:”Although I don’t deserve to have/be/get, I deeply accept myself.” By repeating this statement out loud, while tapping the gamut point, at least for 3 minutes, you lower the amount of unwanted emotions, and thus, you encourage their release.

After the 3 minutes, fill the empty space with a new, positive affirmation:”I am now choosing to be a part of something better and I completely stop this bad habit. I deeply accept myself.” By doing this, you are connecting your conscious and unconscious mind, thus, adapting new positive systems of values.

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