Do You Know What Will You Get If You Mix Baking Soda And Honey?

At the beginning of this article you need to know that all you have to do is eat three teaspoons of this mixture a day for a month and you will feel much better. The idea of mixing baking soda with maple syrup or honey seems bizarre because the cancer cells feed on sugar. But here the honey operates differently.

Namely the cancer cells fail to use sugar for growth because the baking soda neutralizes them. Maple syrup or honey goes towards the cancer cells (which consume 15 times more glucose than the healthy cells), and with the help the syrup the baking soda enters the cancer cells and destroys them.


     Mix one part of baking soda with three parts of maple syrup or honey.

     Heat and stir this mixture over low heat for ten minutes.

     Take three tablespoons a day of this mixture for a month.

     During this therapy you should avoid consuming meat, sugar and white flour.

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