Healing Banana and Honey Elixir

Thanks to the healing properties of honey and bananas, this drink will help you treat painful and sore throat, cough, and even stomach problems. The preparation is easy and simple and the results are guaranteed.

Necessary ingredients:

  • 400 ml of boiling water
  • 2 medium bananas with black spots
  • 2 teaspoons of honey


In order to prepare this elixir, first you need to peel the bananas. Then you need to mash them using a spoon or a fork.

At this point you should know, that it would be the best to use a wooden spoon or a fork, because the metal one will make the bananas change their color. Next thing you need to do is put the bananas in a pot and add the boiling water. Now leave the bananas to soak in the water for about half an hour. When the mixture has cooled, add the honey.

You should note that you must add the honey when the mixture is all cooled down, because if you add it while the mixture is hot, the honey will lose all it medicinal properties.


As for the consummation, you need to take 100 ml of this drink, four times a day. The amount of the ingredients in this recipe is enough for one day. Thereby you need to prepare this elixir every morning. First results will be notable within five days.

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