This Happened to Me After I Gave Up Sugar for One Month

One day, Jenny Sugar, author of decided to give up sugar. She is a mother of two and a passionate blogger who loves Cross Fit. Namely, she decided to give up sugar because she experienced a health problem with her digestion.

Several months ago, she started to feel discomfort, pain, and flatulence. Hence, she did all the necessary tests, but the source of the symptoms couldn’t be precisely determined. Therefore, she decided to pay more attention to her diet. She thought that the root of the problem might be sugar.

So, she decided not to eat sugar for a month and replace it with more healthy foods. She excluded honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, cereals, chocolate, alcohol, and soy milk from her diet. She satisfied her sugar cravings with dry fruits.

According to Jenny, these 30 days were very difficult, especially the first week. She felt so desperate that she called her mom up to 5 times per day to talk about her hardship. Nonetheless, when the second week passed, she started feeling much better. She actually felt great. The digestive discomfort and pain went away.

Also, the acnes she struggled with her entire life were gone, together with few extra pounds. She felt more energized than ever before. And, the sugar cravings disappeared, together with the desire for snacks throughout the day. She felt fuller and had no desire for eating when bored.

What she realized through her personal experience was the fact that the more sugar we eat, the more hungry we feel, and not just hungry for sugar, but for other foods as well.

All in all, her experience shows the benefits of not eating sugar and instead eating healthier variants like dark chocolate and homemade desserts whose ingredients you choose.

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