These Habits Are as Bad as Smoking and You Are Not Even Aware: No. 3 Will Surprise You!

A lot of people don’t smoke and think that they’re leading a healthy lifestyle; however, they don’t consider the fact that they’re doing other, seemingly harmless things that actually have a negative influence on the overall health, same as smoking.

These habits are:

Prolonged sitting

Even if you exercise regularly, long-term sitting has a negative effect on the body. If you sit for more than 8 hours per day, you need to be physically active for at least 30 minutes. For example, walk to the store instead of taking the car or the bus. Or, take a 15-minute walk with your colleagues after work.

Too much intake of meat and cheese

One thing’s for sure, you shouldn’t base your diet on these two ingredients only, regardless of how much you enjoy eating them. Despite the belief that a meal isn’t complete without meat, there are other sources of protein that can replace the animal protein from meat and cheese. Legumes are an ideal replacement.

Cooking on a gas stove

When you cook food on a gas stove, there is a release of carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and nitrogen dioxide in the air; these are three pollutants that you breathe in even if you’re just a passive smoker. In order to prevent the release of these pollutants, make sure you install a kitchen hood to reduce the level of pollution from 90% to 60%.

Solarium tanning

Even though solariums are advertised as the ‘safest sun tanning’, this is just a marketing trick. It’s important to like your skin the way it is. If you want to have a glowing skin, eat foods rich in carotene instead of undergoing this harmful treatment.

Sleep deprivation

The daily recommended hours of sleep are 7 to 8. When you get enough sleep, you prevent high blood pressure, heart disease, and many other health problems. You need to remember that fatigue is not a normal thing and you shouldn’t get used to it. If needed, change your life habits completely in order to ensure enough hours of sleep, otherwise, your health will suffer.

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