A Grain For Every Diabetic: It Can Replace Insulin!

Here in this article we will show you how some medicinal plants can help you fight against this terrible disease.

At this point you need to know that if for a longer period of time your glucose levels are above the normal range (above 6.9 mmol / L), then we are talking about diabetes.

The consequences of diabetes are actually something that we should not ignore. Namely what are we trying to say is that diabetes can damage your blood vessels, kidneys, damage your eyes, open sores on your skin (these sores heal very slowly  and hard), cause nervous diseases, impotence, high blood pressure and many other diseases. In type 1 diabetes the treatment is carried out by insulin. At this point you need to know that in such case the black cumin can help you because this disease is from the so-called autoimmune character.

Black cumin also helps in type 2 diabetes, where there is insufficient insulin, or there is a reduced ability of the cells to respond to insulin (insulin resistance).

Black cumin in diabetes harmonizes the immune system (according to some US researches). In this black cumin therapy against diabetes you need to control your blood sugar levels because in some cases they can drop rapidly. When this happens they are in fact causing hypoglycemia, which is a shortage of sugar in the blood. In the black cumin oil there are substances that have a similar effect as the insulin.

Note: before starting this black cumin therapy you for treating diabetes, you need to consult your doctor. Namely every doctor knows the powerful effect of this plant and based on your case can determine what amount you should take or how to use this medicinal plant.

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