German Dentists Advise: Keep Your Knocked Out Tooth In Cold Milk

German dentists claim that in many cases a knocked out tooth can be successfully re-implanted. However this is only possible if you properly keep your tooth. Namely, if in case you knock out your tooth during a fall or during some sport activity, all you need to do is put and keep your tooth in milk.

The German dental association ProDente, whose role is to educate the public and is funded by five major German Dental Association, says that first it is important to find the knocked out tooth or the broken part of your tooth. Then it is very important not to try and apply the broken tooth on the root. Also you must not wash or clean the tooth.

When it comes for the transport of the broken tooth to the dentist, you need to know that the tooth needs to be stored in a separate box containing a nutrient fluid which will maintain the cells at the surface of the tooth root in life, and which is necessary for a successful re-implantation. In Germany, these boxes can be bought in pharmacies, according to media reports.

If case you do not have such box or you cannot buy one right away, you must know that you must not put the tooth in water or dry wipe, keep it in the mouth or dry it.

ProDente recommends that in such cases, you put your tooth in cold milk that has previously passed the UHT pasteurization or alternatively you can put it in a plastic foil, a box with your own saliva or saline.

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