Forgotten, Sick, and Poor- The Last Photo of Nicola Tesla

On the photos of Nikola Tesla available online, he is portrayed as a young man with thick black hair and moustache. However, people aren’t much familiar with how he looked when he entered the 8th decade of his life. Nowadays, there is rarely a person who doesn’t know about his importance and his accomplishments, but, during his lifetime, this scientist and innovator struggled a lot, especially during the last years of his life. He died at the age of 87 in the USA-forgotten by everyone and in poverty.

He died from a heart attack, i.e. coronary thrombosis. Regardless of the fact that he sold his patents, he was in a lot of debts. The mayor at the time, La Guardia, said that Nikola Tesla passed away in poverty despite the fact that he was one of the most influential people ever. What he did, added the mayor, is immense and as the time goes by, its importance will only grow.

The photo below shows old Nikola Tesla, shortly before he passed away:

nikola tesla

After his death, there were a lot of different, but quite illogical theories and controversies. A lot of people claimed that he was an American, due to the fact that he had an American citizenship because of his stay in America. However, Tesla was born in Serbia. 

If it weren’t for this man, today, none of the things we use on a daily basis would exist. Some of his inventions are the Tesla Coil, the polyphase system, the geomagnetic reversal, the asynchronmotor,  the synchronous motor, etc.

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