These Five Girls Performed An Experiment Which Showed The Frightening Consequences Of Holding A Cell Phone Close To Your Head During The Night!

Five girls, 9-graders from a school in Denmark have carried out an interesting experiment that has attracted a lot of attention, and the photos posted on the Internet caused a reaction of many scientists, biologists and experts on radiation in England, the Netherlands and Sweden.

These girls noted the development of seeds in two identical rooms with identical positioning of the sun, with an equal amount of water, and same temperature. However, the main difference is that in one of the rooms they put wireless Internet router that emits radiation as a simple phone does.

In 12 days, the seeds that remained in the room with the router were not growing, and some of them even died. While in the other room the seeds grew normally and were completely healthy.

These young researchers wanted to attract attention to how cell phones, which all of us hold close to our beds and close to the head, disturbs our dreams and concentration. They could not measure it at school, so it was decided to show through the plants.

It is really scary to see how it affects every living thing.

Video by: SurviveTheMadness

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