The Fibromyalgia is Solved at Last! Please Share this Information with Everyone you Know!

According to a recent research focused on finding the cause of fibromyalgia, the pain doesn’t come from the brain, as it was thought. This is a crucial discovery which puts an end to the mystery about fibromyalgia. Around millions of people worldwide suffer from this condition which is usually treated with painkillers.

In the past, this was considered to be a psychological disorder; however, scientists have now revealed that the pain originates from the blood vessels in the hands. This discovery is very important because it may open up a path for new treatments and a possible cure. The team of scientists focused on the skin of a patient’s hand. The patient had a lack of sensory nerve fibers which resulted in reduced pain response.

They found a large number of nerve fibers known as arterioles-venule referrals in the skin sample. Previously, it was thought that these fibers regulate the blood flow and that they had no influence on pain.

According to Dr. Frank L. Rice, a neuroscientist, in the past, it was thought that these nerve endings had a role in the regulation of blood flow. But, the research pointed out that they can also contribute to the conscious sense of touch. Dr. Rice goes on to explain that poorly managed blood flow could be the reason for discomfort, muscle pain, and fatigue. Probably, this is a consequence of lactic acid accumulation and low levels of inflammation in fibromyalgia patients. This can cause hyperactivity in the brain.

The usual therapy for this condition is consisted of narcotic analgesics, anticonvulsants, and antidepressants, accompanied with advice like sleeping more and regular workout. Nonetheless, since the reason for this condition has been recently discovered, this may mean a more appropriate treatment and even a cure for the condition. All in all, this study is pivotal because it offers a new insight into fibromyalgia and its treatment.


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