These Fears Destroy the Health of the Thyroid Gland: This Exercise Will Help you Maintain its Health and Encourage Healthy Hormone Production

Thyroid gland problems are closely associated with the constant need for growth and development. They can be a consequence of an insatiable appetite for life, constant need for success, or a sign of greed and over-expectations from oneself, but from others as well. Often times, thyroid gland diseases may point out the fear of letting go.

Sometimes, these diseases symbolize disappointment because we constantly depend on someone, either a family member or a partner. Thyroid gland problems may indicate despair, holding in emotions and feelings, and fear of death.

How to treat thyroid gland problems?

Firstly, the desire for constant growth needs to be suppressed and, in order to achieve this; we need to increase the tempo, be awake, and use the opportunities we’re given, fight, and reach the very top. The patients need to be in control of their own life and to release the energy trapped in the illness. Reduced thyroid gland function is a sign of escape from the outside world, i.e. hiding behind thick walls.

In order to cope with our life problems, Dr. Rüdiger Dalke, a German physician and psychotherapist, advises to smile every day. Hence, when we smile, our bodies produce endorphins-hormones of happiness. That is, the interpretation of our reality can become positive regardless of the circumstances.

Namely, you should close your eyes and try to recall a situation in which you were too happy so that the very memory puts a smile on your face. Imagine the smile coming from deep inside and entering your eyes and face, which become softer and gentler. Send the smile to your heart and imagine your heart opening up for it. Feel the area around the heart spread and relax. Take deep breaths and imagine how your heart emits gentleness. Finish the exercise and carry this feeling throughout the entire day.

When you’re facing a terrifying situation, imagine yourself smiling and saying “hello” to the fear. In this way, you prevent the fear from owning you and it will soon disappear…

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