This famous surgeon caused chaos: All you know about heart diseases is not true; this is what you should do!

After he spoke out about the real cause of heart diseases, Dwight Lundell’s claims have been labeled as foolish and nonsensical by the medical community. He is a heart surgeon with 25 years of experience who believes that cardiovascular diseases shouldn’t be treated with cholesterol medications.

According to him, a lot of doctors, because of their education and authority, develop a big ego that makes it difficult to recognize when they’re in the wrong. However, he has no problem admitting that he made mistakes. After 25 years, he felt that it was time to set things right.

For more than two decades, he worked with an array of eminent doctors and exchanged opinions with them. They constantly read new scientific literature, went to seminars, etc. and they all agreed that cardiovascular illnesses are a consequence of high level of cholesterol in the blood. The only therapy for these diseases is consisted of cholesterol medications and a low-fat diet. Any other suggested treatment was immediately dismissed.

However, Lundell pointed out that this therapy has no scientific or moral grounds. His statement caused real disarray in the scientific circle because these medications bring great profit. Namely, solely in the USA, around 25% of the population is on statins, which cost somewhere between 53 and 600 dollars per month. And, even though these meds are widely spread, the number of people with heart diseases constantly increases.

He added that there was a discovery a few years back that inflammation in the artery wall is the real reason for heart disease, which is gradually leading to a change in how cardiovascular illnesses, but other chronic diseases as well, will be treated. According to him, obesity and diabetes epidemics have been created by the established dietary recommendations to exclude fat from the diet if people have heart problems.

A diseased artery looks as if someone scrubbed a brush constantly against its wall. On a daily basis, with the foods we eat, we create small injures turning into more injures, thus, causing the body to respond with inflammation. While we enjoy eating sweets, our body fights against the intruders. Unfortunately, foods rich in sugar and simple carbs and processed foods with omega-6 oils have been the stable of the American diet for more than 6 decades. To make matters worse, these foods benefit the body in no way, they just poison it further.

If we take into consideration that high cholesterol has nothing to do with heart illnesses, statins are completely unnecessary. Instead, Landell emphasizes the importance of treatments that don’t bring profit to the pharmaceutical industry.

He explains that without inflammation in the body, there is no way for the cholesterol to build on the walls of the blood vessels and cause heart diseases and heart attacks. Without inflammatory processes, the cholesterol will move throughout the body freely. However, the inflammation prevents it to do so.

Furthermore, the mainstream medicine made a big mistake when it started advising people to avoid saturated fats and to consume foods rich in omega-6 fats. This resulted in a large percentage of people who suffer from some kind of heart problem. Saturated fats are found mostly in meat, eggs, and cheese.

In order to avoid inflammation, you should avoid foods which cause it, for example, processed foods. In The Cure for Heart Disease, Lundell’s book, the focus is on healthy nutrition and a healthy way of life as the cure for cardiovascular diseases, without the use of medications.

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