You eat this poison daily: Don’t buy this fish ever again- it destroys your health and may lead to death!

The need for eating healthy food cannot be emphasized enough. Nowadays, since a lot of foods are genetically modified, we need to pay a lot of attention to the products we buy as they may lead to serious health problems like cancer. Soy is one of the foods that are genetically modified.

In order to avoid GMO products, you need to buy seasonal fruits and veggies and also pay attention to the meat you’re buying. Make sure the meat comes from grass-fed cattle since a lot of meat producers inject hormones in cattle to make them bigger or to insert certain genes. Eating such foods is dangerous and it will eventually cause a health problem.

When it comes to fish, you need to avoid buying the basa fish. It originates from Vietnam, from the Mekong River which is highly polluted. The fish is also injected with hormones to look bigger. The fish isn’t expensive which additionally attracts buyers.


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