Castor Oil Can Cure Over 25 Diseases: It Will Magically Help You Get Rid Of Allergies!

Castor oil is cheap, but unfortunately not so popular remedy. That is why here in this article we will show you the amazing beneficial properties of the castor oil. At this point you need to know that castor oil can cure more than 25 diseases.

This natural remedy has many positive effects on the overall health, and its applications are limitless. Holistic medicine often recommends castor oil for treating diseases that are generally resistant to traditional therapies.

Doctor William McGray described in details the successful application of castor oil in the treatment of various different ailments.

Here are some of them:

  1. Your allergies will disappear if you take five drops of castor oil every morning.
  2. Wounds, cuts and bruises will heal faster if you apply castor oil on them.
  3. Rub your belly with castor oil for the last two months of your pregnancy in order to prevent stretch marks.
  4. Your injured wrist will heal rapidly if you wrap it with a coating of castor oil and leave it overnight.
  5. Castor oil can prevent hearing loss. All you have to do is put few drops of castor oil in your ear.
  6. This oil can also help you treat cataract. You only have to drip one drop of castor oil just before going to bed every night.
  7. You can also get rid of pilonidal cysts only by applying castor oil coatings.
  8. Brown spots can be easily whiten if you use a mixture of castor oil and baking soda.
  9. Apply castor oil on your eyelids before going to bed if you want to get rid of severe ocular allergies.
  10. Reduce pain in the lower back by applying castor oil coatings once a week.
  11. Treat chronic diarrhea by applying castor oil coatings on the stomach area.
  12. You can easily get rid of nodules on your vocal cords and chronic hoarseness only by applying castor oil coatings for three months.
  13. Get rid of tinnitus by taking orally 6-8 drops of castor oil every day for four weeks.
  14. Hyperactivity can be treated by applying a castor oil coatings on the stomach.
  15. Warts disappear after a four-week application of castor oil.
  16. Calcium deposits on the sole easily disappear with a daily massage with castor oil.
  17. There has been the disappearance of skin cancer after application castor oil and baking soda mixture.
  18. Snoring stops after a two-week application of a castor oil coatings on the abdomen.
  19. Bee stings heal quickly after application of castor oil.
  20. Castor oil can improve your hair growth. All you have to do is massage your scalp and hair with castor oil twenty minutes before shampooing.
  21. This oil can also help you cure hepatitis.
  22. Get rid of nail fungus only by applying castor oil coatings on the sore parts every day.
  23. Castor oil can help you treat alcoholism.
  24. Regular external application of castor oil can help you remove moles.
  25. It has been noticed a significant improvement of the health condition of the patients in the terminal phase of cancer, who have used castor oil.

Castor oil coating

Due to its strong action on the circulation, the castor oil is often used in coatings. For these coating all you need is virgin castor oil, clean gauze, plastic foil, bottle of hot water and a towel. Before and after the use of these coatings you need to clean your skin with baking soda solution.

Next thing you need to do is heat the castor oil and soak the gauze in it. Then you need to apply the gauze on the critical area and cover it with the plastic foil. After that you need to place the bottle filled with hot water over the foil and wrap the area with the towel. Now hold this coating for at least an hour. During this time get comfortable and stand still.

These coatings can be applied for 40 days. Before using them make sure that you have enough castor oil. The coating needs to be warm before every use. However if the oil changes it color or smell while heating, then you need to take a new one.


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