Burn Sage In Your House: In Only Few Moments A Miracle Will Happen!

At the beginning of this article you must know that sage is widely known as a medicinal herb. Our ancestors used it to exorcise the evil, but also for the treatment of many diseases. In various parts of the world it is called a variety of names – sage, wormwood, kaloper, white Jigger, nightingale, which only proves that it was widely used.

This herb has many medical applications and is an ingredient of many drugs. Its therapeutic properties come from the essential oils, which makes it very healthy for inhaling it. Whether it is summer or winter and the windows are either open all day or they are closed every day, the air in your house is full of various toxins and microorganisms.

If you want to get rid of these, undesirable substances, purify the air in your house, or how would our ancestors say – to get rid of the evil, you should most definitely start using sage. Studies have shown that when you use sage to clean your room you will destroy even 94 percent of bacteria from the air. And when the researchers examined the air the next day, the air was still clean.

For using sage in cleaning your air all you have to do is take dried sage leaves and roll them in a wand like shape. Then you need to ignite one end of this sage “wand” and turn off the flame immediately. After that the sage ”wand” will start to glow and smoke. If you do this every few days, you will improve your health a lot. Also you will be able to prevent headaches, cough and respiratory infections, reduce the chance of getting lung cancer and heart disease and treat chronic fatigue and asthma.

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