The Best Solution: From Now On The Room Where You Smoke Will Never Stink!

Cigarettes have a very bad smell, and the worst part is that the smell penetrates and remains everywhere, curtains, walls and more. And the smell is surely not pleasant at all, but we will show you some tricks how to get rid of that ugly smell.

Namely, in the rooms where you smoke, you need to pour a little apple cider vinegar in several dishes and put these dishes all over the room.

Or you can even use baking soda. Namely if you use baking soda you need to sprinkle it on the furniture or on the carpet. In addition to all this, of course, you need to, regularly ventilate the room.

As an addition, you can put lavender which has a very pleasant and soothing scent. And if you feel the smell of tobacco on your clothes, then you need to ventilate them nicely, for at least an hour.

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