Ancient Chinese Technique Of Peace And Welfare: If You Change These Little Things In Your Home, Your Life Will Once Again Be Harmonious And Complete

This Chinese method will lead to a more stable everyday life and all you have to do is change these little things in your home. See the steps that you must follow:

Part 1: Apply Feng Shui to your bed

The bedroom is a place where a person spends his most comfortable time of day. Hence the room should be placed in such a way to provide maximum comfort.

Step 1: You should have a solid board in a place where your head is located (as shown). This allows you a complete support while you sleep.

The mattress

Step 2: The bed should have a mattress with memory foam for complete comfort.

Height of the bed

Step 3: The bed should by all means have a certain height. Do not use a bed with drawers underneath. There should be a place under your bed that you will be able to clean up every day.

Far from the door

Step 4: The bed should be away from the bedroom door. Your bed must not be right next to the door. Maintain a certain distance.

The wall

Step 5: Your bed should be located under the window. It is best to be just against the wall.

Away from the TV

Step 6: The bed should always be at a good distance from all sources of interference such as a laptop, TV, etc.

Part 2: Avoid negative energy

It is important that you keep your room free of negative energy

Step 1: The first and most important step is your mirror to be away from your bed. You should not be looking at your face while you are in bed.

Watch for the light

Step 2: Look at the position of the lights in your room and do not place the bed just below the light source.

Make sure you don’t have aquariums in your room

Step 3: Aquariums are beautiful. But they should not be in your bedroom. Do not keep the images of water or fish inside your room.

Keep the plants out of your room

Step 4: Plants should be placed in the bedroom as they produce carbon dioxide during the night.

Do not leave things piled and scattered

Step 5: Do not leave your room in a mess with unnecessary things like old newspapers or old unwashed clothes. Keep your room neat.

Part 3: Look at the colors

The colors play an important role. Let’s look how to balance the colors in your room.

Step 1: The colors of the fire element are for passion and energy, thereby you need to put them in your room.

The earth colors

Step 2: At this point you need to know that the earth element provides the necessary ingredient for growth, health and energy.

Pastel colors

Step 3: Pastel colors give peace and restfulness to the room.

Part 4: Make Other Considerations

This includes all things into consideration that give comfort to the room.

Step 1: Do not overload your room.

Avoid pictures of relatives and friends

Step 2: Do not keep pictures of friends or relatives on the bedroom wall.

Use vivid colors

Step 3: Put some inspiring pictures in your room and make your room more enchanting and comfortable.

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