7 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Trying to Contact You

Angels are spiritual beings that have a different frequency than ours. Therefore, their guidance is in the form of messages, dreams, and direct insight. There are in fact specific signs indicating that an angel is nearby and trying to contact you. Angelic signs are a reminder of their support and love. Usually, people notice these signs or some of them when they need to make an important life decision or when they need an answer to an important question or a validation of some sort.

Here are the most common signs of angelic presence:


If you’ve been noticing feathers on the road, it means that your guardian angel is near you and supports you.


If you notice that a cloud is shaped like an angel, this is a clear sign that your guardian angel is keeping you safe from harm.

Different smells

If you feel a pleasant scent but you cannot identify the source, this may be a sign of angelic presence.


If a baby is looking up in the ceiling and smiling or gazing into the air, this means that there is an angel nearby.


If you hear some kind of singing or a nice sound that you cannot explain, this is a potential sign from your guardian angel.


If you constantly find coins, it means that your guardian angel is protecting and supporting you.

Light sparkles

If you notice flashes of color, shimmers of light, orbs, etc. this is a clear sign of angelic presence. Your guardian angel is there to heal, uplift, and rejuvenate you.

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