7 Male Secrets That Can Help Women Manipulate Men

Often times, relationships can be full of unpleasant situations since both men and women fail to read the signals they’re sending to each other. To prevent this from happening, the author of The Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Love, Robert Manny, reveals some major facts about men that may help women understand how the male brain functions.

Let’s take a look at the facts:

They’re unsure of themselves- a lot of boys and men admit that there is always a dosage of insecurity when they approach a girl or a woman they like, even in moments when they look super confident.

They enjoy being the prey– men enjoy hunting for prey, but very often; they like to switch places and let women do the hunting.

They don’t remember details- opposite to females, men rarely remember details. However, when women tell them about a problem they’re having, men will always try to help as much as they can.

They like it when women appreciate their sense of humor– men enjoy when women understand their sense of humor and when they’re laughing to their jokes.

The path to their heart is through their stomach- most men are gourmands and they love it when a woman knows how to cook or to dine in places with quality food.

They like women who they can introduce to their mothers- even if they don’t show it in the beginning of a relationship, men like to be with a woman who they can introduce to their family and friends.

A good man doesn’t want his partner to change because of him- men love it when women feel comfortable by being who they really are, without any need to change. When a woman’s happy and being herself in a relationship, her partner is also satisfied.


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